For everyone, the choice to grow a family is deeply personal. No matter what circumstances bring a patient to my practice, everyone brings their own story.

In more than ten years of private practice as a fertility specialist in Orange County, I have seen patients who:

  • Are frustrated because they are unable to achieve or maintain a pregnancy after trying on their own.
  • Are older than 35 years who want to grow their family, and are concerned about their age affecting their fertility or the health of their baby.
  • Want to plan their families for the future.
  • Face a risk to their future fertility in the form of cancer treatments or exposure from high-risk professions.
  • Are LGBTQIA+ couples and want to grow their family.
  • Want to become single parents by choice.
  • Are concerned about hereditary issues they could pass on to their children.

And many more.

Everyone has questions. Sometimes my patients have done tons of research, and sometimes they don’t know where to start looking. Either way, it all ultimately boils down to one essential question.

“What do I need to know so that I can grow my family?”

The answer to this question takes many forms and creates the basis for why I have patient education as a cornerstone of my patient-centered approach to care.

The more my patients know and understand their options, the better equipped they are to grow their families.

This blog for my practice allows me to empower patients and share the information that I’ve gathered as a physician, educator, and parent to share with those looking for answers.

My goals for this blog are to:

  • Offer updates on new developments and trends in assisted reproductive medicine for those seeking to grow their families.
  • Provide useful, medically accurate information about the known causes and treatments for infertility.
  • Provide updates on public health concerns (such as Zika) affecting those seeking to grow their families.
  • Acknowledge and support people who are coping with infertility, as well as providing them with useful advice as they start their journey.
  • Provide information on infertility awareness, both here at home in Orange County, CA and around the world.

I hope you find it as enjoyable to read as it is to write.

If you have questions, or if you’d like to learn more about me or my practice, OC Fertility, then schedule your new patient consultation today or call us at (949) 706-2229.what