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Careers at OC Fertility

OC Fertility Careers

OC Fertility® is a world-class fertility clinic, committed to achieving the highest success rates while providing a tailored and trauma-informed patient experience located in beautiful Newport Beach, CA.

Our growing practice offers comprehensive fertility care including state-of-the-art care, and the latest advancements in genetics. OC Fertility is recognized worldwide for our consistently high success rates and has patients from around the globe.

Growing Families, Together

At OC Fertility, we promote meaningful, challenging, life-changing work for our trusted team members in an inclusive, diverse work environment. We support and encourage career growth; collaborative leadership, teaching, and mentoring roles, which positively contribute to our culture and success.

Our Mission

OC Fertility’s mission is to provide the best quality reproductive and genomic medicine possible in the most trauma informed environment, while remaining accessible to individuals and families who want to become parents.

We are committed to providing our patients with thoughtful and personalized treatment and being a trusted partner throughout their entire journey.

Employee Benefits

We offer competitive wages and a comprehensive benefits package. For eligible employees, we offer healthcare benefits. We have a Paid Time Off plan, and Paid Holidays. Additionally, we hold several employee events each year to show our gratitude for our employees' hard work and dedication.

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