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The Future of Fertility: AI Technology in IVF

The integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) into the field of reproductive medicine is revolutionizing assisted reproductive technologies (ART) and changing the landscape of fertility treatments.
Aug 16th, 2023

5 Reasons Your Doctor May Recommend IUI

When getting pregnant through intercourse isn’t working or possible for you, your doctor may recommend intrauterine insemination (IUI). This simple procedure doubles your chances of pregnancy. Here’s why your doctor might recommend it.
Aug 15th, 2023

Celebrating World Embryologist Day

Every year, on July 25th, World Embryologist Day is celebrated. This special day serves as a reminder of the remarkable scientific advancements and discoveries made in the field of embryology and its relevance to those going through fertility treatment in
Jul 24th, 2023

Understanding the Difference Between Cysts and Fibroids

Are you familiar with the terms cyst and fibroid? Chances are, you have heard of them but might not understand what exactly is a cyst and fibroid and what is the difference between the two. This blog post will dive deeper into what's different and similar.
Jul 11th, 2023

3 Procedures that Complement IVF

When you’re in for in vitro fertilization (IVF), you’re in all the way. IVF may be your last chance to have a biological baby or the only way you could possibly have a baby. You may want to consider some complementary procedures to give yourself the best o
Jun 30th, 2023

4 Factors that Could Be The Reason You’re Not Getting Pregnant

After waiting for the perfect time to start your family, you’re flabbergasted that you’re not yet pregnant. Even though infertility is more and more common, you never thought it would affect you personally. Why are you having trouble conceiving?
May 24th, 2023

The Link Between Toilet Paper and Infertility

Toilet paper and infertility are not usually two words that you see linked together, but a recent research study uncovered that many brands of toilet paper have PFAS chemicals in them.
Apr 26th, 2023

Is IVF and Surrogacy Tax Deductible?

For families using IVF, surrogacy, and/or egg donors to grow, these services are expensive. We’ll break down who and how patients can benefit from tax savings when using assisted reproduction technologies (ART) to build their family.
Apr 12th, 2023

Here’s What Happens During Ovulation Induction

If you have polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) or for other reasons, your ovaries may not release a mature egg every 21-28 days. Irregular ovulation decreases your chances of conception. Ovulation induction increases them. Here’s how it works.
Apr 1st, 2023

Does Endometriosis Cause Infertility?

There is still a lot to learn about Endometriosis and how it impacts women, but there is significant evidence to show that it can impact fertility for many women. It is believed that up to 50% of women who have endometriosis will experience infertility.
Mar 28th, 2023

Busting Fertility Medication Myths

Fertility medications are often crucial for successful fertility treatment, but myths crop up in media coverage and on social media from time to time. Let’s debunk some myths circulating now, and set the record straight on fertility medication.
Mar 14th, 2023

4 Causes of Miscarriage

When you have a miscarriage, your first question is, “Why”? Why did this happen to your baby? Why did it happen to you and your partner? Miscarriage may be common, but it’s devastating. Here’s why it may happen to you.
Mar 1st, 2023

The Importance of Progesterone for a Healthy Pregnancy

Progesterone is often referred to as the “pregnancy hormone,” and for good reason. Your progesterone levels not only play a key role in helping maintain a healthy pregnancy, but it also helps in preparation for pregnancy.
Feb 15th, 2023

How Endometriosis Can Impact Your Fertility

Endometriosis has caused you painful, heavy periods for years. Will it also impact your fertility once you decide to become pregnant? If so, can you do anything to increase your odds of conceiving a healthy baby? You can.
Feb 2nd, 2023

Introducing OC Biogenix IVF Laboratory

We are very excited to announce that OC Fertility is bringing together our world-class doctors and care team with our new en suite state-of-the-art embryology IVF laboratory and procedure suite.
Jan 24th, 2023

Your New Year’s Fertility Resolutions

As we near the new year, we are closing one chapter and starting a new one. We want this new year to bring a renewed sense of hope and determination to everyone going through fertility treatment and working towards their goal of becoming parents.
Dec 27th, 2022

Everything You Were Never Told About Ovulation

You probably don’t think about your eggs when you get your period. Your attention is on the blood and trying to feel comfortable without leaking. But if you didn’t ovulate, you wouldn’t get a period, and you couldn’t get pregnant.
Dec 6th, 2022

How to Prepare for an Embryo Transfer

Going through the process of IVF can leave you feeling overwhelmed and full of questions, but we’re here to guide you through each step of the process and give you a full breakdown of what to expect.
Nov 16th, 2022

5 Ways to Optimize Male Fertility During IVF

OC Fertility recognizes that infertility is not necessarily “just a woman’s health issue” but also impacts men's health. In more than one-third of cases, sperm-related issues contribute to infertility in a couple.
Nov 8th, 2022

Fertility Preservation in Individuals Diagnosed with Cancer

Cancer treatments such as chemo and radiation therapy can harm your fertility. For many, this can mean the chance of conceiving in the future is not possible, but with the right planning ahead of treatment, you can work on preserving your future fertility.
Oct 25th, 2022

Frequently Asked Questions of our Doctors at OC Fertility

From the very first visit, we aim to educate our patients and answer any of their questions, but we also know that sometimes you might not know which questions you should be asking when it comes to your fertility journey.
Oct 19th, 2022

What Most People Don't Know About Male Infertility

In the past, infertility was regarded as a woman’s problem. When a couple was infertile, the woman was often said to be “barren.” But just as conception takes two, so, in many cases, does lack of conception. Men can be infertile, too, and often are.
Oct 13th, 2022

Advanced Paternal Age and It's Impact on Fertility

While it’s not often discussed, advanced paternal age impacts fertility for men. We want to bring more awareness to this topic as it’s important for men to know that their age is also an essential factor in the fertility journey.
Sep 27th, 2022

Video: Fertility Financing 101 - Knowing All Your Options

Are you considering taking the next steps in preserving your fertility for the future by freezing your eggs or sperm? Or maybe you have recently received a diagnosis that requires you to pursue fertility treatment to build your family now?
Sep 21st, 2022

Four Things You Should Know About PCOS

PCOS is an endocrine and metabolic disorder that affects many functions and parts of the body, most notably the ovaries. While many people with PCOS can conceive without difficulty, it is a common cause of infertility in women.
Sep 13th, 2022

Our Favorite Fertility Friendly Foods

If you’re ready to have a baby, it’s time to head to the grocery store or — better yet — the farmer’s market. Nourishing yourself with the right macronutrients and micronutrients prepares your body to feed a baby. Here’s how to eat for fertility.
Sep 7th, 2022

Exploring Fertility Treatment as a Single Parent By Choice

Deciding to become a single parent by choice is not always easy, but there is now so much opportunity for men and women to create a family independently. While you may face some additional challenges on your journey, we are here to help guide you.
Aug 30th, 2022

Choosing the Right Clinic and Knowing What to Expect

Choosing the right fertility clinic is top of mind for many couples and individuals looking to take the next steps when it comes to fertility treatment, but it’s not always an easy task figuring out which clinic is right for you.
Aug 23rd, 2022

Coping with Miscarriage and Loss

It’s the reality that 1 in 4 pregnancies will result in a miscarriage, and this statistic can be daunting, especially for those who are undergoing fertility treatment as they are working towards creating the family of their dreams.
Aug 17th, 2022

What to Consider When Selecting Your Gestational Carrier

You’re ready to have a baby, but you need a gestational carrier. A gestational carrier is someone who only provides her uterus, (embryos are created from another person’s eggs) and selecting the right person is imperative.
Jul 5th, 2022

Uterine Fibroid Awareness Month

July is National Uterine Fibroid Awareness Month and there’s one big reason to help spread awareness this month. Approximately 80% of women will have developed fibroids in their lifetime by the age of 50.
Jul 1st, 2022

Managing Anxiety During a Post-Miscarriage Pregnancy

You’re pregnant again! You want to be happy and joyful. And you are. But you’re also wracked with worry, because you had a prior miscarriage: What if you lose this baby, too? Here’s how to manage your anxiety.
Jun 8th, 2022

How Egg Freezing Can Benefit You as a Transgender Parent

If you’re a trans man who wants a baby, you may consider freezing your eggs. Egg freezing is recommended for all people with ovaries who aren’t yet ready to have children. It may be especially important if you take hormones or get bottom surgery.
May 11th, 2022

Stress and Infertility: How are they Linked?

It’s a Hollywood cliche: An infertile couple is told to “relax and have fun.” They head out on vacation, and bingo! Next scene, they have a baby. That scenario’s just a bit too good to be true, but the link between stress and infertility is real.
Apr 1st, 2022

5 Encouraging Facts About IVF

You’ve tried everything else, and now you wonder if in vitro fertilization (IVF) is the procedure you need to build the family of your dreams. However, you know that IVF is relatively expensive and can’t be guaranteed. Is it worth the risk?
Mar 8th, 2022

I’m Intersex: Can I Have a Baby?

If you’re intersex, you may wonder if it’s possible for you to have a baby. The answer depends on your individual anatomy, chromosomes, and hormones. The answer may also depend on whether assisted-reproductive technology (ART) can help you.
Feb 3rd, 2022

Are There Downsides or Risks to Egg Freezing?

The upside to egg freezing is pretty awesome: You preserve your youthful eggs while you’re still fertile. Then, when you’re ready for a baby, your eggs are ready for you — no matter how old you are. But is there a downside?
Jan 5th, 2022

When To Seek Help If You’re Not Getting Pregnant

It’s not always clear as to when the 'right' time to check in with a doctor about trying to get pregnant is.  Here, we cover the textbook answers, as well as the reality of when it may be helpful to seek expert advice.
Jan 4th, 2022

6 Potential Causes of Infertility

You always thought it was a simple thing to have a baby. In fact, you spent a lot more time preventing unwanted pregnancies than you did considering infertility. But now either you or your partner is infertile. Why? And what can you do about it?
Dec 12th, 2021

Effective Pregnancy Options for Same-Sex Couples

Same-sex and LGBTQIA+ couples can have their own biological children, thanks to assisted-reproductive technologies (ART). If you and your partner yearn to create a family with DNA from one or both of you, you have a variety of options.
Nov 14th, 2021

5 Benefits of Gestational Surrogacy

You’ve always dreamed of having your own baby but, medically speaking, that now seems impossible. Either you don’t have a uterus, or you can’t or don’t want to carry a child to term. Gestational surrogacy could make your impossible dream possible.
Oct 1st, 2021

Is Embryo Transfer Painful?

You know you can’t get pregnant on your own, but still you hesitate about moving forward with in vitro fertilization (IVF). You worry, especially, about the process of transferring an embryo to your womb. Will it be painful?
Sep 8th, 2021

How Does Metformin Help PCOS?

PCOS, or Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, is a condition that often consists of menstrual irregularities (typically absent or sporadic menses), signs of increased androgens (hair growth, acne or hair loss) and the presence of multiple ‘cysts’ on an ovary.
Sep 8th, 2021

PCOS Awareness Month: Infertility, Other Symptoms and Treatment

Most cases of female infertility are due to your ovaries not producing or not releasing eggs on a regular basis. Your cycle could be out of sync because you have a hormonal condition, such as Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS), but you are not alone.
Sep 1st, 2021

Can I Be an Egg Donor?

You’re young and you either need extra money or you wish to help people who can’t get pregnant by themselves. Either reason for donating eggs is perfectly acceptable. However, not every woman can donate her eggs. How do you find out if you can?
Aug 8th, 2021

How Does OC Fertility Help Prepare For Your IVF Cycle?

Before you start your IVF cycle, there are many items that must be reviewed and completed in order to optimize a successful cycle, as well as a positive experience for the patient. Here's what you need to know as you're picking a clinic.
Aug 2nd, 2021

5 Reasons Why We Suggest Getting the COVID-19 Vaccine

In our continued efforts to educate, here are some of the many reasons why we recommend that anyone who is eligible to receive the vaccine consider getting vaccinated, if they have not already, against COVID-19—even while pregnant or trying to conceive.
Jul 28th, 2021

Understanding Your Menstrual Cycle

The menstrual cycle is an important part of women's health and having a better understanding of it, could be of use to those trying to conceive.
Jul 26th, 2021

How To Tell If You Ovulate

Ovulation is a pivotal part in conception, and the timing is what dictates the "fertile window." It is something that happens at predictable intervals for women with regular menstrual cycles—yet it’s not that easy for everyone to tell when it's happening! 
Jul 19th, 2021

Four Medicines for Ovulation Induction

If you don’t ovulate, you can’t get pregnant. Even if you do ovulate, ovulating more eggs increases your chances of pregnancy. How do you encourage multiple eggs in your ovaries to mature during the same menstrual cycle and move into the fallopian tubes...
Jul 18th, 2021

Early Pregnancy Ultrasound Findings

Whether our patients get pregnant on their own, via ovulation induction and intrauterine insemination (IUI) or In-vitro fertilization (IVF), we make sure to follow them closely throughout the first trimester of their pregnancy.
Jul 5th, 2021

Understanding Ovulation

Normally, a woman’s body matures and releases just one egg per month, a process known as ovulation. However, not all women ovulate every month. If you want to become pregnant, here’s what you need to know about ovulation.
Jun 14th, 2021

Men's Health Week: Helping the Men in Our Lives Stay Healthy

As we gear up to celebrate the fathers, grandfathers and uncles in our lives this weekend—lets truly show our appreciation for them by encouraging them to make their annual physicals and maintaining a healthy lifestyle with diet and exercise.
Jun 14th, 2021

Pride Month: Supporting LGBTQ+ Family Building

We’re proud to support the LGBTQ+ community, not only by providing a safe place to discuss family building goals, but also as a supporter of our local LGBTQ+ Center of OC in their endeavors to support the people of Orange County!
Jun 1st, 2021

Who Should Consider In Vitro Fertilization?

You may never have considered going through in vitro fertilization (IVF). In fact, you may not have even realized that it could be — or might need to be — an option for you. But IVF could be the solution for the family you desire.
May 26th, 2021

Common Causes of Male Infertility

You’ve struggled with your partner to get pregnant, but it’s not happening. What causes male infertility and is there anything you can do about it? Male fertility may be caused by a number of factors. Read on to learn about the most common.
Apr 21st, 2021

What Are My Options If I’m Infertile?

When your doctor pronounces that you’re infertile, you may worry that you’ll never have the family you’ve dreamed of for so many years. However, infertility is a condition that has many remedies, depending on its causes.
Mar 17th, 2021

What is Endometriosis and How Does Affect Fertility?

Endometriosis is a disorder in which the glands within the uterus are found in other parts of the pelvis (i.e. the ovary, fallopian tube, bowels, bladder, etc.), which has a strong association with infertility.
Mar 17th, 2021

Eggs vs. Embryos: Which Is Right For You?

Fertility preservation is a topic that is (thankfully) being discussed more often, however the next decision—whether to freezing eggs or embryos—often is not.
Mar 14th, 2021

COVID-19 & Fertility: Should I Be Doing Treatment Right Now?

It's important to recognize that undergoing fertility treatment—be it family building or preservation—has an added layer of complexity to it in the era of COVID-19. A lot of patients ask if it even makes sense to pursue treatment in the midst of a pandemic
Feb 9th, 2021

What Are Donor Eggs?

If you’ve been struggling with infertility, have undergone in vitro fertilization without getting pregnant, or are part of a same-sex couple, your OB/GYN may recommend using donor eggs to have a baby. Read on to learn more about it.
Feb 9th, 2021

Myths and Facts About IVF

Decades have passed since Louise Joy Brown was the first baby born through in vitro fertilization (IVF). Though the technology’s advanced since that first IVF birth in 1978, understanding of who IVF can help and what it achieves has lagged behind.
Jan 20th, 2021

What is the ‘Right’ Interval Between Pregnancies?

For many, conceiving the first time around may be difficult. So when deciding when to start planning for their next, the fears and trauma associated with trying to conceive the first time may urge some individuals to begin treatment, or trying to conceive,
Jan 13th, 2021

Popular Fertility Medications

If you’re infertile, your ovaries may not be producing or releasing eggs on a regular basis. Fertility medications increase your fertility by increasing your egg production. What are these drugs and how do they work? Read on to find out.
Dec 16th, 2020

Is it Okay to Cheat? (On a Pregnancy Test)

Many people opt to "cheat" and do a home pregnancy test during their two week wait, prior to finding out the results of their blood test. While it makes sense for a lot of reasons, there are a few things you should be aware of before you take that test.
Dec 14th, 2020

SART Data: Understanding Fertility Clinic Success Rates

In November, we finalized our annual SART data. SART is an acronym that stands for, the Society for Assisted Reproductive Technology. SART is an important organization that helps accumulate data from IVF and infertility clinics all across the country.
Dec 1st, 2020