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OC Fertility Partners with Uniquely Knitted to Offer the Support Our Patients Deserve

Our patients deserve the best of care, and that's why our doctors and staff at OC Fertility are partnering with organizations in the community to address the diverse needs of our patients. 

While we offer state-of-the-art medical care, we are now helping our patients navigate the financial and emotional side of fertility treatment. We’ve recently partnered with Uniquely Knitted to help our patients find the support and connection in the infertility community they are looking for. 

In 2020, we hosted a web series during the pandemic to connect and learn more about our patient’s needs. During that web series, the most common theme was the need for more mental health support for individuals and couples pursuing fertility treatment. This information has led us to create partnerships and find better ways to connect and support our patients.

Why Uniquely Knitted? We wanted to partner with an organization that reflected our same passion and values in the fertility community. Once we met with the amazing staff at Uniquely Knitted, we knew it was the right fit and that this partnership would allow our patients to have access to additional support during their journey.

“We are passionate and dedicated to helping our patients get the best of care, and when that need reaches beyond our scope, we have looked to make important partnerships to bridge any gaps along the way.”  Dr. Nidhee Sachdev

Support You Deserve

Uniquely Knitted is a place to build resilience and process infertility. There’s no need to go through this journey alone, so Uniquely Knitted offers process groups for the infertility community for each person to find the support and healing they need while undergoing fertility treatment.

They offer 6-week group sessions that meet virtually. In addition to connecting with other individuals struggling with fertility-related issues, they provide access to many video lessons that help provide emotional support and education during fertility treatment. 

In working with Uniquely Knitted, we can better prepare our patients with the practical tools they need to help build resilience on their journey while having the opportunity to share their stories with people who really get it. 

A trauma-informed facilitator leads every session run by Uniquely Knitted to help individuals process and heal at every stage of their fertility journey. 

Why You Should Get Started Today

For those patients who need extra support along the way, we strongly encourage you to consider joining the Uniquely Knitted processing groups. These 6-week groups will help build resilience while each person shares their unique story with a community that gets it. The benefits are endless, but we’ve listed a few below.

~Grow and Heal on Your Journey

The Uniquely Knitted processing groups are led by trauma-informed facilitators trained to help you grow and heal on your journey. They are familiar with the struggles of infertility and offer compassionate support.

~Opportunity to Share Your Story

We believe that all of our patients deserve to have their stories heard, but sharing such a personal journey with friends and family can often be challenging. Uniquely Knitted offers a safe space to share your thoughts and feelings surrounding your fertility journey with others who understand what you are going through. 

~Lasting Community

During each 6-week processing group, you will be with the same small group of people to help you build those connections; it doesn’t end there. For anyone who has joined a 6-week group, there is an opportunity to join a 4-month process group to keep the momentum going. 

Supporting You on Your Journey is Our Priority

We know that your fertility journey doesn’t end the moment you walk out of our clinic doors, and that’s why we’re so proud to partner with amazing organizations like Uniquely Knitted that can offer continued support for our patients. 

If you are looking for more support on your journey and are interested in joining Uniquely Knitted, the cost is $97. OC Fertility patients receive 10% off. Just reach out to the front desk to get the code today.

To learn more, you can visit their website or stop at our front desk the next time you are at OC Fertility, and we can provide additional information about our partnership.

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