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Words cannot begin to describe the appreciation I have for all that you have done for me. You were there for me from day 1 to answer all of my questions (and there were a lot of them) to guide me down the right path, patiently explaining every step of what would otherwise be an overwhelming process, to personally call me whether it was good news to share or not, and to give me lots of warm hugs along the way. You gave me my dream come true with my baby boy Logan and my healthy baby on the way.

In sports terms, you batted 100%, 2 for 2, and you are TRULY AMAZING in every way. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping me achieve my lifelong dream.

With lots of love,

R & A

We want to express our sincere gratitude and appreciation for all that you have done for us. As you know, our fertility journey started not long ago when we had the honor of becoming a patient to your practice. While it didn’t take long, fortunately, to become successfully pregnant it was a journey that we will never forget.

Words cannot describe what it feels like to long for a child and repeatedly be let down by our own bodies – but to be able to have such wonderful people enter our life to help accomplish our lifelong dream is truly a blessing. You and the staff made our fertility journey possible and it is because of you that we are pregnant today with two little miracles. What a pleasure it has been getting to know you. The warmness of your office exudes is second to none. As your patient, we have always been made to feel that our family’s goal of pregnancy is of utmost importance. You and your staff are kind, generous, helpful, and endearing and always willing to lend an ear. It’s with mixed emotions that we “graduate” from your care and we will truly miss seeing you every week. But it is nice to know that because we want a big family, we will be seeing you sooner rather than later.

Thank you again for helping to create our little miracles.

With sincere gratitude,

A & B

Thank you for taking such good care of us during this journey. Your caring calm nature and constant reassurance helped me stay positive through the process. You are truly an amazing physician and we appreciate all of the calls, personal attention, and your expertise.

Thanks again for everything and getting me pregnant.


I can’t begin to put into words how appreciative we are for all you’ve done for us. We are so grateful to finally be on this journey toward completing our family. Thank you so much for your patience and compassion. I know you must see so many patients on a daily basis – but your kindness in taking the time to make me feel comfortable and answer all my questions really reduced the anxiety of this process. We look forward to the next few months and all the excitement and happiness of the future.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

S & G

It is true that no words are enough to express our gratitude to you. Over the years we have both had numerous doctors in a variety of fields, and it is easy to say, that neither of us have ever had one as WONDERFUL as you! We have so appreciated your kindness, constant support, and accessibility – even during your vacations. You give bedside a whole different meaning and have set the bar so high for anyone after you. We were incredibly blessed to have found you, and extend our deepest heartfelt thanks for your part in making our dreams come true!


S & W

I can’t believe that today is my last appointment with you! I will miss seeing your cheerful face at my weekly appointments. You have been such an incredible and amazing doctor! I have always felt that you cared and were willing to go above and beyond for me. You always managed to give us hope, especially in times when all hope could have easily been gone. You have given me the possibility to experience the miracle of life and the gift of becoming a mother. Without you, I feel that this would not be possible. From the bottom of our hearts and with the utmost appreciation, we thank you for all you have done! You are an angel in disguise and will never be forgotten. We pray every day that this pregnancy will continue to flourish, and can’t wait to meet the precious life that you have helped create!

All our best,

T & M


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