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Our Lab: A One-Stop Destination for Growing Families, Together

Extraordinary Experience Leads to Eggstraordinary Outcomes

OC Fertility, led by Dr. Sharon Moayeri, now brings together our world-class doctors and care team, with our new en suite state-of-the-art embryology IVF laboratory and procedure suite, OC Biogenix. This is a key component in helping us to continue our tradition of ensuring high success rates and lauded patient care in our hometown, Newport Beach, California.


OC Biogenix IVF Laboratory is led by nationally-recognized Embryologist and Lab Director, Antoine La, whom Dr. Moayeri has known for more than a decade. He comes to OC Biogenix with nearly 30 years experience and was involved in all aspects of the labs' careful design and current operations. From the controlled-air environment, to the modern technology and equipment, each aspect of our lab is built with the finest resources to safely support our patients in achieving a healthy pregnancy—now or later.

Antoine's exceptional industry reputation and technical skill enables him to recognize, recruit, and hand-select the best in the industry. Consequently, our acclaimed team is equally dedicated to maintaining continuous improvements and adaptations; and to use data-driven analysis to discover new and improved methods allowing us to evolve and innovate to achieve high success.


Our joint mission is to enhance our patients' family building journey by focusing on state-of-the-"ART" technology, seamless full-service fertility care, and inclusivity—Growing Families, Together!

Our intention is to make this transition as smooth as possible, while maintaining high-quality, safe, and confidential care. If you have questions or concerns, please reach out to us via your portal; 949-706-BABY (2229); or email us.

With this transition, comes an important decision for you that requires action on your part: If you are planning future treatment with OC Fertility, we need your consent to transport your tissue.

If we've cared for prior to October 2022 and have frozen embryos, eggs, or sperm, then they are likely stored at CCRM-Orange County (also called Fertility Lab Sciences) in Newport Beach.

If you are planning future treatment with OC Fertility, then your tissue should be transported to us to store and use on-site and we need your consent.

To avoid treatment delays or cancellations, as soon as possible:

  1. Download and complete the consent forms:
    1. 'Transport-In' to OC Biogenix Consent Form (our new lab)
      • Note: OC Biogenix provides a minimum of 5 years of storage. We are able to store longer, as long as we have the capacity available and your account is in good standing.
    2. Transport Out of CCRM Consent Form
  2. If you have a spouse or partner, or there is more than one Intended Parent involved, then each individual needs to complete and return their own consent forms.
  3. Email them to us as soon as they're complete.

We're working hard to make this transition as smooth as possible for you, while maintaining the highest success and safety standards.

If you have questions or concerns, please reach out to us via the patient portal, phone us at 949-706-BABY (2229), or email us.


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