Four Reasons Why Patients Wait to See a Fertility Specialist


As a fertility specialist, one of the things I hear a great deal from my patients is that they wish they’d come to me sooner.

While everyone has their own reasons for waiting, here are four of the most common ones, and why they aren’t always good reasons.

1. They’re Waiting Longer to Start

Women (and men) are waiting longer to grow their families. They want to pursue their education and careers, to feel financially stable, and to simply experience life before they “settle down” and start a family.

Even if a woman wants to wait to start her family, there are still steps that she can take to improve her chances when she is ready.

2. They Think Infertility Can’t Happen to Them

From the moment that we hit puberty, we are repeatedly warned that it is possible to get pregnant at any time.

In our teens and 20s, we live with the constant fear of getting pregnant. When we hit our 30s and 40s and are ready to start a family, we take for granted that fertility is guaranteed.

If you’re trying to get pregnant and nothing is happening after one year (six months if you’re over 35) talk to a specialist immediately. Even if you’re not ready to start treatment they can help rule out common factors that may be preventing your ability to get pregnant.

3. They Feel Younger than They Are

Advertising and media constantly impress on us the idea that a woman in her 30s and 40s can look and feel like a woman in her 20s.

However, the human body only comes with a finite number of eggs, and both their number and viability start to decline quickly after 35.

Also, recent studies have demonstrated that male fertility is not as infinite as was once assumed. The fact is, as men get older the quality and motility of their sperm also decline.

Because age is a factor, seeing a specialist sooner rather than later can help put options on the table that might not otherwise be available.

4. They Worry About the Cost

Many patients are hesitant to take advantage of long-term family planning because they assume that they can’t afford it. They’ll tell themselves, “when I’m older, I’ll be more financially secure.”

The problem is, the older a woman gets, the more difficult it is for her to achieve a pregnancy using her own eggs. This often leads to the need for donor eggs and more expensive procedures.

Investing in future fertility can save patients in the long term.

These may all seem like valid reasons to wait, but the fact is taking action today can make a big difference in your future fertility.

Whether you’re ready to get pregnant now, or are looking for advice to help you grow your family in the future, the time to talk with a fertility specialist is now. Talking with a specialist can help you plan ahead and learn about options that you may not have known about.

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