8 Questions to Ask When Choosing a Fertility Clinic

Choose Fertility Clinic

When you’re choosing a fertility clinic, it helps to do your homework. It might seem at first glance like all fertility clinics are the same, however each treatment facility is unique and certain ones...


17 Do’s and Don’ts When Trying to Conceive

do and dont preconception

There are many things that we know we aren’t supposed to do when pregnant: smoke…drink alcohol…drink caffeine…the list goes on. But what about pre-pregnancy? Does it really matter what you do and don’t do...


6 Common IVF Questions Answered

Whether you’ve been trying to have a baby for several years now or you’re just starting to plan for the future, you might have some questions about in-vitro fertilization (IVF). In this blog post,...


New Year’s Resolutions to Help You Grow Your Family

It’s a New Year, and with it comes the ability to get a fresh start on growing your family. Like any new year’s resolution, it doesn’t just happen. It takes time, a willingness to...


Understanding Third Party Surrogacy

Fertility science strives to make it possible for every woman to have a successful pregnancy and carry her own child to term. However, for some women (as well as same-sex male couples) being able...

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