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Dear Patients,

OC Fertility will be undergoing some modifications regarding Lab/Blood Testing costs.

As of January 01, 2021, some Lab/Blood Testing may have an increase of cost. Not all Lab/Blood Testing costs will be affected. Mainly Lab Panel Testing, such as a Prenatal Panel or an Infectious Disease Panel, amongst other panels OC Fertility offers.

If you have questions regarding the updated fees for 2021, please reach out to the Billing Department. Happy Holidays & New Year! 

OC Fertility® Team


I’m ready to grow my family… and I want to understand the financial expenses

Treatment Costs


Fertility treatments can be costly, but not all patients require the most expensive treatments, such as in-vitro fertilization (IVF) that can cost several thousands of dollars. Often less costly treatments are successful and some may be covered by insurance. Consider the value of the treatments, in addition to the absolute cost in dollars. Developing a decisive plan of action with flexibility to adjust strategies depending upon treatment response will help stretch your fertility funds.


Global/Bundled Fees & True Pricing

For patients who don’t have insurance and are paying out-of-pocket for their treatments, we typically bundle ALL expected services and estimate medication costs to provide patients with specific and accurate price estimates BEFORE they commit to treatment. This is important since some centers will only provide patients with “base-case pricing” that underestimates the true out-of-pocket expense to patients once all the “additional or optional” services such as ICSI, assisted hatching, injection medications, etc. are tallied.

By providing patients with a global fee / all-inclusive estimate, we feel that we are giving patients an opportunity to make the best decision to optimize their fertility budget. Please feel free to contact us for pricing information or to understand how to accurately compare pricing.



While some States are mandated to provide insurance coverage for comprehensive infertility treatments (i.e., Massachusetts, Illinois), many California insurance plans may provide limited or no infertility coverage. For instance, some insurance plans provide benefits to “diagnose the cause of infertility.” Others may require couples to undergo certain tests or treatments before allowing more advanced treatments. Finally, some insurance companies may provide pharmacy benefits to cover the cost of fertility medications, which can be costly.

The details vary, so it is important to learn about your specific policy. While we work with patients to make sure they understand which services are and are not covered by insurance, it is important that you contact your insurance provider directly to understand your contractual agreement, including your financial responsibilities, such as deductible and co-payments.



Healthcare financing may be an option to help cover the costs of fertility treatment. While we have no formal agreement with them, many of our patients have had a positive experience with Prosper Health Care. Please ask us if you need help understanding the process.


Special Circumstances, Cancer patients (Oncofertility)

We have discount programs for patients recently diagnosed with Cancer who want to undergo fertility preserving treatments prior to their Cancer therapy. In addition to working closely with various hospitals, physician groups, pharmaceutical companies, and cancer societies, we offer reduced pricing to assist patients recently diagnosed with Cancer.

In this situation, young women or men are forced to unexpectedly and immediately deal with their fertility because cancer treatments may compromise their ability to have children – sometimes temporarily, and other times permanently.

With increasing cancer survival rates, OC Fertility® is proud to give patients an opportunity to pursue fertility preservation options, such as egg, sperm, or embryo banking. This provides an opportunity for patients to potentially delay fertility until after their treatment is complete, they are Cancer free, and ready to start a family.

If you want to learn more about Cancer and Fertility visit our helpful links section for more information on cancer and fertility.

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