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Genetic Testing & Screening

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Pregnancy can be a joyful time, but you want to take every precaution and screening to make sure your pregnancy goes smoothly, and your baby is on a healthy path of progress. Genetic screening evaluates embryos produced during fertility treatments to ensure the implantation of the most viable. At OC Fertility® + OC Biogenix® in Newport Beach, California, Sharon Moayeri, MD, and Nidhee Sachdev, MD, provide the latest genetic testing at the blastocyst stage – day 5-7 after egg fertilization. To take advantage of advanced genetic screening, call OC Fertility® + OC Biogenix® or book an appointment using the online tool.

Genetic Screening Q & A

What is genetic screening?

Genetic screening at OC Fertility involves many different aspects. Genetic screening can occur at three different time points in the fertility treatment process

OC Fertility performs the following tests: 

  • Genetic Carrier Screening
  • Embryo Genetic Testing 
  • Non invasive Prenatal Testing (NIPT) 

Prior to initiating treatment, your OC Fertility physicians may recommend you and your partner undergo Genetic Carrier Screening, to rule out any potentially harmful diseases being passed on to your future children.

For patients undergoing In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) Treatment, the option for Embryo Genetic Testing is possible.  This is when a few cells from the embryo are removed to gather information about its health. This is usually done 5-7 days after egg fertilization.

The removed cells undergo analysis in a lab to reveal whether the embryo has the correct number of chromosomes. These tests can help you choose a viable embryo prior to in vitro fertilization (IVF), whether via surrogate or for implantation in your uterus.

Once patients become pregnant, your OC Fertility doctors will carefully watch over you and your pregnancy for the entire first trimester.  During this time, None Invasive Prenatal Testing (NIPT) can be done which screens the pregnancy for any possible chromosomal abnormalities.  It additionally can give information about the gender of the pregnancy for patients interested in knowing. 

What are chromosomal abnormalities?

When an embryo doesn’t have 23 pairs of chromosomes, it can prevent the embryo from implanting, lead to miscarriages or developmental syndromes such as Down syndrome. As a woman ages, the risk of abnormal chromosome numbers increases.

What is comprehensive chromosome screening and preimplantation genetic testing?

CCS/PGT allows the analysis of biopsied cells from an embryo to determine whether there are chromosomal errors present before the embryo is implanted in the uterus. The testing can help prevent miscarriage or diagnosis of a devastating disease later in pregnancy. 

Sometimes, CCS/PGT can uncover the cause of unexplained infertility in women younger than 35.

Women who benefit from CCS/PGT include:

  • Those older than 35 with infertility
  • Younger women with poor ovarian function
  • Those who experience recurrent miscarriage
  • Those who have undergone multiple failed fertility treatments
  • Desiring gender selection

When is preimplantation genetic diagnosis used?

Preimplantation genetic diagnosis or PGD tests for known familial hereditary conditions or gene mutations picked up by the genetic carrier screening test your OC Fertility doctor ordered prior to starting treatment. 

OC Fertility may recommend PGD for couples who are carriers of a known genetic disorder, such as muscular dystrophy or cystic fibrosis as a way to identify which embryos are affected with these disorders and select the healthy embryos during IVF. The healthiest embryo without the disorder is then implanted

Call OC Fertility or book online to learn if you may be a candidate for genetic testing.