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Donor Sperm

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Donor sperm is an alternative when healthy sperm isn’t available – whether that’s due to a man’s medical condition, a same-sex couple’s desire to have a baby, or a single woman ready to conceive. At OC Fertility® + OC Biogenix®, Sharon Moayeri, MD, and Nidhee Sachdev, MD, facilitate sperm donation to help patients achieve their family goals. Call the office in Newport Beach, California, or book online for a consultation today.

Donor Sperm Q & A

What is sperm donation?

Sperm donation describes a procedure in which a man donates semen to help a woman become pregnant. You may choose sperm donation when:

  • You’re part of a couple in which the male partner has no sperm or semen analysis shows a low sperm count.
  • You’re a single woman looking to get pregnant 
  • You’re part of an LGBTQIA+ couple who wants a family

How is donor sperm used?

OC Fertility® + OC Biogenix® doctors place the donor sperm into the woman’s uterus using intrauterine insemination. This procedure occurs as close to a woman’s ovulation as possible for the best chance of conception. 

During this procedure, the doctor injects the donor sperm using a syringe and thin catheter into the uterus through the cervix. The procedure can induce mild cramping for a short time.

Donor sperm can be used in both IUI and In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) treatment cycles.

What should I consider prior to using donor sperm?

There are a lot of factors involved in deciding to start a family using donor sperm. OC Fertility® + OC Biogenix® works closely with you as an individual and/or couple to ensure you’re psychologically ready to use donor sperm. 

In addition to a consultation with your doctor, they have counselors and therapists specializing in fertility and third party reproduction that they recommend to patients. 

How likely is it I will get pregnant with donor sperm?

The success rates of conception with donor sperm vary, depending on many underlying factors.  Younger patients without any known fertility issues are more likely to get pregnant within a few cycles, however, the specific success rates will be discussed with your doctor during your consultation. 

To achieve a successful pregnancy, several cycles of artificial insemination may be necessary. The number of treatment cycles, medications involved and the timing of treatment is made based on decisions you and your doctor make together. 

To learn more about donor sperm, call OC Fertility® + OC Biogenix®, or book an appointment online today.