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Myths and Facts About IVF

In vitro fertilization (IVF) has assisted millions of couples in achieving the family of their dreams. But despite its widespread use, myths about what it is and who it’s for persists.

Dr. Sharon Moayeri and Dr. Nidhee Sachdev — the OB/GYNs and fertility experts at OC Fertility — offer IVF at our offices in Newport Beach, Southern California. We also have our own dedicated IVF lab. Here we reveal a few of the most common myths about IVF, and supply the facts instead.

Myth: IVF is only for infertile couples

Fact: Although IVF is often used to help a woman who otherwise can’t conceive a child, you don’t have to be infertile to benefit from IVF. You may choose IVF if either you or your partner has a genetic disorder that could affect your baby’s health and longevity. 

Using your own eggs and sperm, we create embryos in the lab that we then test for genetic problems. We only transfer healthy embryos. We freeze other healthy embryos for later pregnancies, if you wish.

Same-sex couples may use IVF to create a baby using one partner’s DNA. In such a case, you’d choose either donor eggs or donor sperm to complete the process.

If you’re part of a couple where both of you share female anatomy, you may also want to share the stages of conception and delivery through IVF. We offer a service called reciprocal IVF: one female donates eggs that are fertilized with donor sperm. The resulting healthy embryo is then transferred to the other female’s body for gestation.

Myth: You can do IVF at any age

Fact: As a woman ages, her reproductive system does, too. Even with IVF, she may not be able to produce enough eggs to create a healthy embryo. Or, her uterus may be too weak to carry a child to term.

Other factors also control how likely you are to succeed with IVF. Some couples have challenges that make it more likely that they’d need to undergo multiple cycles of IVF. 

As with natural conception, there’s no guarantee that IVF will work. Your doctors explain your chances of success based on you and our partners’ age and health. 

Myth: IVF causes you to have multiple births

Fact: In the past, IVF labs typically transferred a number of healthy embryos to increase your chances of a live birth. However, technology has advanced in the ensuing decades. In fact, transferring multiple embryos may increase your chances of miscarriage or premature birth.

At Orange County Fertility, we select one healthy embryo at a time for implantation, unless you specify otherwise. This process is one reason why our IVF success rate is so high. 

Myth: IVF is the only way to have a baby if you’re infertile

Fact: Unless you or your partner have genetic complications, or you’re a same-sex couple, you may not need IVF to have a healthy baby. We only recommend IVF after you and your partner have undergone complete fertility evaluations. 

You may benefit from simpler procedures, such as surgery to fix structural problems or medications to balance hormones. You could also opt for artificial insemination, in which your partner’s or a donor’s sperm is introduced to your uterus without sexual intercourse.

Myth: All IVF clinics are the same

Fact: As with all medical facilities and treatments, quality may vary greatly. At Orange County Fertility’s IVF lab, we’ve partnered with the Colorado Center for Reproductive Medicine (CCRM). Our CCRM network gives you access to a team of 20 highly skilled and experienced scientists, embryologists, and staff.

Myth: Fertility drugs cause cancer

Fact: Although you must take medications to stimulate ovulation and the release of multiple eggs, you can rest assured that they’re safe. More than 48.5 million couples around the world have used IVF to have a baby. No studies have shown an increased risk of cancer in the years since these couples’ treatment.

Is IVF right for you? If you’re struggling to start a family and wonder if IVF may be the solution, schedule an appointment with us today. Call us at 949-706-2229 or book an appointment on our website.

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