The way to start is by scheduling a New Patient Consultation
as the first step on the path to growing a family.

During a new patient consultation, you can
expect the following:


Your physician will talk with you about your goals and concerns and take a full medical history, review any prior medical records (if you have requested their release to us), and identify the appropriate work-up for your infertility evaluation. This appointment usually takes about 1 hour.


You will have a physical examination focusing on identifying physical issues that may be interfering with your ability to achieve or maintain a pregnancy. This visit includes a pelvic ultrasound to evaluate the uterus and ovaries.


Based on the information gathered at this initial consultation appointment, you will receive a “to-do list” to help remind you of what was discussed and what your next steps are.


If you choose to move forward with treatment, you will receive a detailed and personalized plan outlining necessary steps.


Prior to starting a treatment plan, we will outline possible costs with you so that you can make an informed financial decision.


We want to make sure that you have all the information you need to make informed decisions. We will try to be as thorough as possible in our initial meeting, and if you have additional questions as you consider your next steps, we’re always happy to talk further.

If you haven’t already done so, we recommend that you review the following so that you know what to expect at your first appointment.


OC Fertility (Our Primary Office
Location for Patient Appointments)

Dr. Sharon Moayeri | Dr. Nidhee Sachdev
1401 Avocado Avenue, Suite 403
Newport Beach, CA 92660

Phone: 949-706-2229 (BABY)
Fax: 949-706-8490


Parking for the office location is free of charge. Please note that the lot is accessed via San Miguel Drive. There is no direct access off Avocado Avenue.

What to Bring

Please bring your insurance card, photo identification, and medical records, as well as a method of payment to cover any necessary fees and/or co-pays.

It is best to have any relevant medical records (i.e., blood work, x-rays, sperm tests) sent by fax, e-mail, or mail prior to your appointment. It’s also a good idea to bring a copy with you, in case the records were not received in our office in time for your appointment. This gives us a better sense of your medical history and will help make the most of your first visit.

We also recommend that you review and print out our new patient forms (PDF) prior to your visit. They will be available when you arrive, but many of our patients prefer to fill them out in advance of their appointment.

Partners are welcome and encouraged to attend. Because the initial session takes about an hour and will involve a physical exam we recommend that you leave young children at home.

What should I expect during my initial
visit at OC Fertility?

It is best to come prepared to your consultation. Expect to spend at least one hour with us. If you have had prior tests or treatments, then please make sure to have these records sent to OC Fertility prior to your scheduled appointment. Please, complete the downloadable “Medical Release (PDF)” form if needed, in order to request those records be sent to our office. This will help ensure you get the best advice possible from your appointment.

During the initial consultation, your doctor will review your history in detail and perform a physical exam, including a pelvic ultrasound to view your uterus and ovaries. Several tests are important to diagnose the cause of a couple’s infertility. A personalized workup will be outlined, and possibly a treatment plan if your evaluation has been completed elsewhere. Most patients should be able to finish their evaluation within one month and be ready for a tailored treatment by the following cycle.

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