Fertility Preservation

You want to grow your family, but not quite yet. Maybe you haven’t met the right person to share your life with, or maybe your career or other commitments don’t leave you with the opportunity to start a family.

However, when the time is right you want to be ready, and you want to ensure that you have healthy eggs, sperm or embryos available to create your family.

Causes and Concerns

A woman’s fertility is highest in her twenties and begins to decline into her 30s. While many women can still get pregnant after age 35, they may find it harder to maintain a pregnancy due to diminished egg quantity or quality.

Men who have a declining sperm count, exposure to toxic medications (chemotherapy), or work in high-risk occupations also run the risk of diminished fertility.

Consequently, many women, men, and couples are opting to electively preserve their eggs, sperm or embryos for the future.

Solutions and Treatment

For individuals planning to undergo elective fertility preservation, we provide the necessary services to obtain and store
your eggs, sperm or embryos to increase your odds of a having a successful pregnancy when it’s right for you.

These can include:

If you’re facing a cancer diagnosis or another medical condition that may affect your fertility, please visit our Special Cases – Oncofertility page.

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